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Should she take the leap through the window into the unknown? Seventeen-year-old Kyrie had no idea if she could survive it, but the notion of staying was much less appealing than the risks of the streets. A bullet that finds a fleeing target in the night, a baby held out of a high-rise window, and squatting in a rodent-infested apartment are just some of the experiences within Kyrie’s family dynamic perpetrated by her father’s actions and enabled by her mother’s acquiescence.

Gifts in Brown Paper Packages (Gifts) is a coming-of-age story commencing the night New York City teenager Kyrie Graves impulsively flees the verbal and physical abuse prevalent in her childhood home to tackle life and adulthood with no plan except survival. The night that Kyrie decides to exit her bedroom window one final time changes the course of her life.

Gifts is a story of a young girl’s survival driven by strength, personal growth, a journey to self-awareness, and ultimately acknowledging her truth. Through Kyrie’s lens, the reader is led through vivid episodic flashbacks from her adolescence through young adulthood in a journey ripe with experiences that are sometimes funny, often shocking and painful, and always genuine. Acceptance of her story and how it shapes her enables Kyrie to embrace the lessons, i.e., gifts, that strife and challenges offer despite their unpalatable aspects. Kyrie reveals her struggles, fears, and growth through this tale while displaying the perseverance that births her power and voice. Ultimately, Kyrie recognizes and accepts all the gifts, even the ones that come wrapped in brown paper packages!

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13 reviews for Gifts in Brown Paper Packages

  1. Bert B.

    Wonderful debut novel! This story was riveting; I couldn’t put it down!

  2. Celia Suber (verified owner)

    I just devoured this book and am already looking forward to reading more from this amazing author! This book has such beautiful writing, compelling characters, and inspiring messages! I loved the themes of learning to embrace all that makes us who we are, promoting social justice, and striving to improve and step into new roles while still loving and taking care of yourself in the present. Thanks for sharing this gift ?

  3. Steve B. (verified owner)

    This book was very enlightening for me. Though I am very familar with issues of domestic violence and racism, to read about these difficult challenges the way that S.P. Brown has presented them, has helped me to understand a bit more how a child, then a young woman, could have the capability to not only survive, but to flourish in a way that no one would guess what she had gone through. “Gifts” is so well written, it’s hard to believe that this is the author’s first book!

  4. Monica Lucas (verified owner)

    Definitely a true coming-of-age story where you will journey with Kyrie through her struggles, growth, self reflection and ultimate acceptance. Thoroughly enjoyed and recommend this captivating novel. Looking forward to S.P. Brown’s next literary work of art!!!

  5. Patricia Greaves (verified owner)

    Great “couldn’t put it down” book from start to finish! Kyrie’s story is inspirational, showing the reader how our trials and challenges are gifts that build resilience and empathy.

  6. PRB (verified owner)

    A wonderful and provocative debut novel from S.P. Brown. Her words came to life for me as I read about the challenges and successes for Kyrie. Highly recommend!

  7. Pat C (verified owner)

    Where have you been all my life? Kyrie’s story of perseverance is so inspirational. Excellent read

  8. Naureen Rashid (verified owner)

    Gifts in Brown Paper Packages is a book that you won’t be able to put down once you pick it up! It takes you on an epic coming of age journey of love, pain,hope,weakness,fear,strength and courage. The writer has a way of embracing your soul through a grip that ultimately lands in resolve and revelation. Truly a gift and can’t wait for the next novel!

  9. Mahjabeen (verified owner)

    This is one of the best books I’ve ever read. I loved every word and felt like I was with Kyrie on all of her twists and turns in life. Just amazing!

  10. Sharjeel

    As a male reader, I connected to this book as a father, son and brother. I really enjoyed the way Kyrie’s life unfolds through various stages of her life. Excellent read and I will definitely re-read!

  11. Fasih

    This book went above and beyond my expectations. It’s truly one that every human can relate to. I hope the author writes a continuation because the only complaint I have is that it left me wanting to know how Kyrie’s life progresses ongoing. Kudos!

  12. Rabia

    This is the best book I’ve read in a decade! Kyries journey is one that I could relate to as a mom, daughter, sister and friend. Absolutely incredible book!

  13. Neke Whitmore (verified owner)

    SP Brown has a fresh perspective in this coming of age story. It’s sure to leave you rooting for the heroine, as you see yourself in her story and her strength.

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